Category: Woodworking Tips

  • Is woodworking expensive

    Is Woodworking Expensive? I Show All The Costs

    You’re looking for a new hobby and woodworking is at the top of your list. The most common question I get asked next is woodworking expensive? I will show you just how to get started with much less than you think. Woodworking can be an expensive hobby if you insist on buying power tools and…

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  • Woodworkers Guild

    Is Woodworkers Guild Worth It? Here’s The Truth

    If you’re new to woodworking, you’ve probably watched nearly every YouTube tutorial video there is. You’ve picked up on some things, but you wish you could learn more. A fellow woodworking buddy suggested looking into the Woodworkers Guild of America, a paid professional resource. Is joining this guild worth the money? The Woodworkers Guild of…

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  • put a nut on a wood screw

    Can You Put A Nut On A Wood Screw?

    While making your next woodworking project, you may be tempted to tighten up your joints by inserting a wood screw and use it like a bolt. Many people have asked me, can you put a nut on a wood screw? Wood screws will not accept a nut as their thread type does not allow it.…

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  • Reuse-screw-holes

    Is It Safe To Reuse Screw Holes In Wood?

    This comes up many times in woodwork where you have to remove screws to fix a problem or you need to screw into an old hole. I have often pondered this so I thought I could share the age-old answer to can you reuse screw holes in wood? Screw holes can be reused if the…

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  • Guide to woodworking tools

    The 10 Best “How-To” Books For Woodworking Beginners

    In an age of immediate online content, sometimes useful resources get overlooked. Valuable books on beginner woodworking exist for every skill level. These excellent how-to books for woodworking can help you create beautifully crafted projects while teaching you tips and tricks from experts. Woodworking experts from all over the world have written down their best…

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  • Why does MDF Split when screwing

    9 Essential Tips For Screwing Into MDF

    MDF seems to be the one thing that scares most people whenever they need to screw into its edge. I have been a cabinetmaker for the last 20 years and screwing MDF together is something we did every day.All of the apprentices would be always asking how to screw into the edges of MDF without…

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