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Our Editorial Process at Woodwork Hubby: A Personal Journey

Hello there! I’m Derek, the heart and soul behind Woodwork Hubby. I’ve been passionately engaged in woodworking for over 30 years, crafting countless projects from my own shed, which is brimming with an extensive selection of woodworking tools.

Derek from Woodwork Hubby

My journey has not only been about honing my craft but also about sharing my wealth of knowledge and experience with you. Let me take you through my editorial process, which is deeply intertwined with my woodworking journey.

Crafting Trust and Upholding Standards Through Experience

Woodworking is more than a hobby or a profession; it’s a way of life for me. Having navigated through decades of challenges and triumphs in my woodworking endeavors, I understand the importance of reliable, accurate, and practical advice.

That’s why I’m committed to providing content that’s trustworthy, evidence-based, and, above all, rooted in real-life experience.


My Goal with Woodwork Hubby is to provide the most helpful content based on my personal experiences and use cases! I don’t make things up.

Every piece of advice, every tip, and every technique I share is a reflection of my personal journey in woodworking. I’ve faced the same questions and challenges you might be encountering, and I’ve learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

See my About Me page here for a closer look.

This personal touch is what I believe makes my content uniquely valuable. I ensure that every article, tutorial, and guide is infused with empathy, understanding, and wisdom that comes from over 30 years of hands-on experience.

How Do I Create My Content?

Most of my ideas for content come from working within my shop. While working I get a flourish of ideas based on the challenges I face. I keep a notepad and write these topic ideas down.

Later that night I usually start a draft article based on what I learned. I usually have a long list of article ideas that I haven’t yet published. Everything is written by myself and I get a close friend to cross-check for spelling and grammar.

I like to post as many articles as possible in a month but sometimes life happens and I don’t post anything.

Selecting Contributors and Ensuring Accuracy

Sometimes some of my articles require fact-checking by a person who has more experience with that particular topic than me. I carefully pick experts who share a genuine passion for woodworking and possess deep, practical knowledge.

I work closely with them, sharing insights and practices honed in my shed, to ensure that all content meets my high standards.

A Personal Approach to Safety and Brand Integrity

Given my extensive experience, I’m acutely aware of the importance of safety in woodworking. I review any health or safety advice to ensure it aligns with the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Likewise, when it comes to tools and materials, I only mention or partner with brands that I trust and often use myself. My shed is a testament to this, filled with tools and materials that have been vetted through years of use.

Inclusivity, Empathy, and Ongoing Learning

My personal experiences deeply influence my writing style and editorial approach. I strive for a tone that’s warm, welcoming, and inclusive, acknowledging the diverse community of woodworkers out there.

See why I started Woodwork Hubby here.

I’m committed to using language that’s respectful and empathetic, reflecting the supportive and inclusive ethos of the woodworking community.

Woodworking is an ever-evolving art and science, and so is the knowledge surrounding it. I stay abreast of the latest techniques, tools, and safety standards, ensuring that the content I provide is not only up-to-date but also enriched with my ongoing practice and learning in my shed.

Engaging with You, the Woodworking Community

Your feedback and insights are essential to me. They help me refine my content and ensure it remains relevant and valuable. If there’s ever anything you feel could be improved or a topic you’re eager to explore, I’m all ears.

After all, Woodwork Hubby is about building a community of woodworkers who support and inspire each other.

Woodwork Hubby is more than a website; it’s a reflection of my lifelong dedication to woodworking. By sharing my journey, experiences, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, I hope to be your trusted guide and companion in the world of woodworking. Let’s continue to create, learn, and grow together in this wonderful craft.

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