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  • Titebond wood glue

    Will Titebond Wood Glue Wash Out Of Clothes? We Tested It

    This is the one thing that nearly all woodworkers do including me, is wipe off excess glue on our shirts or pants. My wife caught me out the other day doing this and she said that it will never wash out. So I decided to do some tests and find out will Titebond wood glue…

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  • shoes woodworkers wear

    What Shoes Woodworkers Wear And Why

    Woodworking is a wonderful hobby but can often mean we stand for hours on a hard concrete floor. This is not the most common question I’m asked but I’m sure many wonder, what shoes do woodworkers wear? Woodworkers usually wear crocks, flip flops, or sneakers in their workshops. These provide the most comfort and ease…

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  • Uses for woodworking apron

    Secrets To Why Woodworkers Always Wear Aprons

    We’ve all seen woodworking videos that inspire us for our next arts and crafts DIY project. But, in these videos, you might have noticed a pattern: The woodworkers are always wearing aprons. It’s not like they are going to cook something, so you might be wondering why they wear them in the first place—but the…

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