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  • The Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

    Top 5 Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

    Are you struggling to find the perfect portable table saw for your fine woodworking projects? I know exactly how daunting that can be, having faced the same hurdle once upon a time. After many years of working as a contractor, I have used many table saws and so I decided to identify the best portable…

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  • Festool Domino Patent Expiration

    When Does Festool Domino Patent Expire? With Alternatives

    Has your curiosity been piqued about when the Festool Domino patent will expire? You’re not alone. Having plowed through mountains of legal paperwork and decoded layers of complex jargon, we’ve determined that the original Festool Domino patent is likely to sunset sometime around 2025 or 2026, at least in both US and Europe. In this…

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  • A Table Saw Can Cut Metal

    Can A Table Saw Cut Metal? See What It Does To The Blade

    Unsure if your table saw can handle cutting metals? You’re not alone, I found myself asking the same question not long ago while trying to rip some aluminum. Through solid research and hands-on experience, I can answer that age-old question, Can a table saw cut metal? Key Takeaways Factors to Consider When Cutting Metal with…

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  • showdown- ridgid vs dewalt

    Unbelievable Showdown: Ridgid vs Dewalt Table Saw (2023)

    Choosing a table saw is no easy task! If you’re debating between the Ridgid vs Dewalt table saws, trust me, I’ve been there too. My deep dive into both brands uncovered some significant differences in power, portability, and precision that will help guide your decision. Let’s unlock these findings together and see which one cuts…

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  • I Uncover The Secrets Of Why Table Saw Is Burning Wood

    I Uncover The Secrets Of Why Table Saw Is Burning Wood

    Do you frequently notice that your table saw is burning wood while cutting? I know firsthand how frustrating it can be, especially when it jeopardizes the quality of your work. I looked into all the problems of why table saw is burning wood. But don’t worry – through this blog post I’ll explore these causes…

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  • I Reveal How Big Should A Table Saw Sled Be And Why

    I Reveal How Big Should A Table Saw Sled Be And Why

    A sled is a must-have for your table saw in my opinion. The one I made the other day turned out to be just a little too small to fit my timber into. This gave me a thought of how big should a table saw sled be. I did some extensive research and rebuilt my…

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