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  • The Holy Grail of Best Beginner Table Saw

    I Found The Holy Grail of The Best Beginner Table Saw (2023)

    Growing your woodworking skills can be a thrilling journey, but finding the right table saw for beginners isn’t always straightforward. I’ve been there too; wading through countless reviews and specs, trying to find that perfect blend of safety, power, and value (did you know DeWalt DW745 is often rated top?). That’s why I’ve spent hours…

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  • Revolutionary Discovery- Are Table Saw Blades Reverse Threaded

    Revolutionary Discovery: Are Table Saw Blades Reverse Threaded?

    If you’ve recently purchased a table saw, you may find yourself puzzled over whether its table saw blades are reverse threaded. Believe me; I’ve been there! This mystery led me to dig deep and uncover the facts about the threading direction of table saw blades. In this article, we’ll navigate the world of table saw…

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  • Can Table Saw Blades Be Sharpened_ Pro Hacks That Work

    Can Table Saw Blades Be Sharpened? Pro Hacks That Work

    Realizing that continuously replacing dull blades was running my wallet dry sparked some serious curiosity. So, I decided to test this out for myself – Can table saw blades be sharpened, and if so, how is it done? Stick around as I untangle this debate, promising to uncover practical ways of maintaining our beloved woodworking…

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  • Best table saw for your workshop

    9 Best Table Saws Under $1500 2023 (Expert’s Picks!)

    Choosing the right table saw can be a daunting task, especially with a budget under $1500. I’ve been there too – with countless options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After using many table saws over the last 30 years, I have got together with some woodworking peers and compiled a definitive list of…

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  • Circular Saw Not Cutting Straight

    Why Is My Circular Saw Not Cutting Straight? (7 Quick Fixes)

    Have you ever wondered, “Why is my circular saw not cutting straight?” You’re not alone; as an experienced woodworker, I’ve been there and understand how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry! After extensive research and trial and error, I’ve discovered seven quick fixes to ensure your circular saw cuts straight every time. Key Takeaways…

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  • best table saw for dado cuts

    12 Best Table Saw For Dado Cuts 2023 (Genuine Reviews!) 

    I was cleaning out my shop and noticed that most of my common-use tools were ones that I had bought in the last 6 months. Upon looking further, I realized that my oldest tool was a table saw I had purchased over a decade ago specifically to make dado cuts. I can see that I…

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