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  • Best Blades To Cut OSB Board

    Best Blades To Cut OSB Board And Why I Use Them 

    I have been trying to make an OSB tabletop for over a year, but I keep delaying it. And one of the reasons was the splintering that happens when you downsize OSB. I made the mistake of not getting it at the project size and now have to cut it. Though I have blades that…

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  • Why does my circular saw smoke

    Why My Circular Saw Smokes? 5 Reasons Why

    I was cutting up some 2×4’s the other day with my circular saw and smoke started pouring out from my work area. Let’s just say I got a bit of a fright! But I’m sure most of us have been there and have also thought my circular saw is smoking. Why my circular saw smokes?…

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  • Do Dust Collectors Need To Be Grounded

    Do Dust Collectors Need To Be Grounded? PVC Static Shock!

    I upgraded my dust collector system recently, and nothing gave me a tougher time than grounding it. There was a time when I used to believe that grounding was for high-capacity industrial dust collectors only. But because of the dust collector fire horror stories on woodworking forums, I have been very cautious about grounding. And…

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  • use a router on MDF

    Can You Use a Router on MDF? What Happens to the Router Bit

    I usually like to minimize my MDF-cutting burden before getting started with any project. For the most part, I get my MDF cut to size at the store. Still, you cannot expect more than a few vertical or horizontal cuts from the store. For curved cuts, I had to resort to a router. However I…

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  • Domino Joiner vs Dowels

    Domino Joiner vs. Dowels – Which Is Best for You

    If you have been watching YouTube videos to discover woodworking ideas or to learn how to build specific projects, you might have seen a domino joiner. Most top woodworking YouTubers use it instead of dowels but which should you use in the battle of the domino joiner vs. dowels? A Domino Joiner is quicker and…

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  • Watts a Dust Collector use

    How Many Watts Does Your Dust Collector Use? Full Guide

    Dust Collectors are a must for every workshop. The moment you graduate from hand tools to stationary cutters, sanders, and saws, you sign up for a lifetime of brooming dust if you don’t get a dust collector. But in my more than two decades of experience working with these tools, I am fully aware that…

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