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  • Broken router bits

    Here Is Why Your Router Bit Keeps Breaking!

    I pulled out a box of router bits because I needed a spare. And guess what? It was a box of broken bits that I had forgotten about. This sent me down a rabbit hole as I looked up the possible reason for router bits breaking, something I had never really thought about before. Here’s…

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  • Orbital Vs. Belt Sander

    Orbital Vs Belt Sander (Key Differences To Know!)

    Today, my wife said commented on why I had so many sanders. She took a look at the two sanders placed in the corner and asked if I could do with just one. “Of course, I need both! One is an orbital sander, and the other one’s a belt sander. So what is the difference…

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  • Crosscut sled vs. miter saw

    Crosscut sled vs miter saw (My Top Tips You Must Consider)

    In intermediate woodworking, one of the most common cuts I have had to make is the crosscut. There are two ways to execute it, I’ve learned. One requires driving wood across a blade, while the other requires the blade to move across the wood. The method I use to make a crosscut dictates the kind…

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  • Jigsaw cutting crooked

    Why Your Jigsaw Does Not Cut Straight (8 Reasons Why)

    I have been woodworking since the early 1990s, and I have used a jigsaw predominantly over that time. I used to cut out holes in bench tops for kitchen sinks and I know all too well why I jigsaw doesn’t cut straight. I decided to write down this information to help you out. Your jigsaw…

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  • Use A Nail Gun On Cedar Shingles

    Can You Use A Nail Gun On Cedar Shingles? My Tips

    Roofing has been one of the toughest things I have done as a woodworker. It was especially tough early on when I used to manually hammer nails into shingles. Eventually, I started using a nail gun and learned that different roofing materials are receptive to it to different extents. You can use a nail gun…

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  • use router bits in a drill

    Can You Use Router Bits In A Drill? I Tested It

    Any time one tool in my workshop stops working, I figure out a use for another tool that I previously didn’t know. And the secret behind that is experimentation. My latest experiment came after my router stopped working randomly. I decided to use a router bit in a drill. You cannot use router bits in…

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