Category: Wood For Woodwork

This category is all about wood for woodwork and explains all of the different types of wood you may come across.  It covers everything from real wood to man-made woods such as MDF and plywood.

  • vinegar stop wood rot

    Will Vinegar Stop Wood Rot? (And How To Apply It?)

    Dealing with wood rot can be a real nuisance, right? I’ve been there, battling against creeping decay and hefty repair costs. After digging deep into the world of fungus-fighting solutions, I discovered the surprising power of ordinary household vinegar to halt wood rot in its tracks! This article will guide you step-by-step on how to…

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  • Red Cedar vs White Cedar differences

    White Cedar vs Red Cedar (The Differences You Need To Know)

    Choosing between white cedar and red cedar for your home project can be a head-scratcher. I’ve been there, weighing the pros and cons, especially considering factors like durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. That’s why I delved deep into these two popular woods to bring you a comprehensive comparison detailing their unique characteristics and practical applications.…

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  • Keep Wood From Splitting

    How To Keep Wood From Splitting (Best Options For 2023)

    I’ve noticed some of my timber slabs developed splits after I moved them into my shop. This is a common occurrence in the woodworking community so I decided to put together this guide on how to keep wood from splitting and what I did to prevent it. This blog will guide you through proven methods,…

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  • Ash Wood Vs Oak Compared (Why I Only Use One Of These)

    Ash Wood vs. Oak Compared (Why I Only Use One Of These)

    I have spent more time squinting at Ash and Oak at my local lumberyard than I am proud to admit. The wood seems similar in strength and even appearance, at least initially. But having tried both for different projects, I have found Oak to fall short in many ways. Ash wood is better than Oak…

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  • fix warped wood

    How To Fix Warped Wood (Stop Tossing Out Bent Boards!)

    Got a piece of warped wood that’s giving you problems? I feel your frustration; I’ve had my fair share of bowed or twisted lumber to deal with. After trying multiple methods and pouring extensive research into this, I’ve identified the best strategies to fix warped wood. Stick around, and let’s straighten things out together! Key…

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  • Treating untreated outdoor wood

    How To Treat Untreated Wood For Outdoor Use (The Secrets)

    A friend was asking me for some advice for an outdoor seat he was making. I gave him a shock when I said he had to use treated wood. Untreated wood can easily fall prey to harsh weather conditions, insect attacks, and decay if left unprotected. In general, you can treat wood for outdoor use…

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