Category: Woodworking Tips

  • wood screw need washers

    Do Wood Screws Need Washers? Find Out Here

    I was making a project the other day where the screws I was using were buried too deep and I wanted to bring them out a little. I’m sure many of you think about this from time to time, so I thought I would share the answer to this common question, Do wood screws need…

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  • Perfect size pilot hole

    What Size Pilot Hole For Any Screw – Secret Formula Revealed

    I have inserted thousands of screws into timber over the years, and one thing that is always common with a good joint is, making sure the screws are inserted properly. Now, this seems an easy task but one question that always comes up is What size pilot hole should I drill? The correct size pilot…

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  • Machine Screws

    Can You Use Machine Screws In Wood?

    Anybody who has tried their hand at a DIY project or two will invariably end up with a random assortment of parts and fastenings lying around, but can these leftovers be used for anything? Specifically, can you use machine screws in wood? Machine screws are not recommended for use in wood. Machine screws are specifically…

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  • woodwork with math

    Woodwork Without Math? Possible?

    You’ve never considered yourself much of a math whiz. You passed grade-school level math classes just fine, but not easily. Today, you work in a job that doesn’t require heavy use of mathematics. That said, you’ve recently decided to take up woodworking, which several friends have told you involves math. Does woodworking involve math? Yes,…

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  • Why so many holes in woodwork bench

    Why Are There So Many Holes In My Woodworking Bench?

    If you are either in the process of getting a woodworking bench or have just purchased one, you may have taken notice of many holes built into the surface of the woodworking bench. This is not a cause for concern, as the holes in the woodworking bench have a utility value. Why do woodworking benches…

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  • Clearance hole for screws

    What Is A Clearance Hole? – Here Is Why You Need One

    Have you ever wondered why woodworkers always drill a larger hole in the primary piece of wood before they put a screw in? This hole is known as a clearance hole and is very necessary for all woodworking projects here is why. What is a clearance hole? A clearance hole is a hole that is…

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