Category: Woodworking Tips

  • Can wood filler hold a screw

    Can Wood Filler Hold A Screw? (A Real Test)

    Every woodworker will often come to a point where mistakes happen and we look for a quick fix to get us out of trouble. An accidental hole or a chip out of the wooden surface could one of many scenarios where we look to fill it up and carry on. But what if you need…

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  • Screwdriver driving in a screw

    Why Does My Screwdriver Or Drill Tip Slip

    I was watching a relative the other day trying to screw in some screws and no matter what he did, the screwdriver tip kept slipping out of the screws and ruining the heads. So why does the screwdriver or drill slip out of a screw? A screwdriver or drill tip will slip from a Phillips…

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  • Which woodwork tools to get

    The Real Cost Of Starting Your Woodwork Hobby

    The time has come. You have watched all the youtube videos and you just love woodwork and you want to get started with woodwork as a hobby rather than a business. I know you are worried about the cost as those were my exact thoughts. What is the cost of getting started in woodworking? The…

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  • Is woodwork hard

    Is Woodworking Really That Hard?

    Throughout my career in woodworking, I often get approached by others who are very interested in getting started for themselves. One question that comes up by most is, Is woodworking hard? Woodwork is not hard although it does require some patience to develop the necessary skill sets. Learning the basics is actually quite simple, but…

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  • Doing woodwork outdoors

    Why Woodwork Should be Done Outdoors

    Having woodworking as a hobby is fairly common nowadays. But the problem with woodworking indoors is that it is simply a health hazard. In this article, we’re going to provide you with a superb alternative to indoor woodworking so that you can make incredible pieces of art with wood without any problems. Why woodwork should…

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  • Racking In Woodwork

    What Is Racking In Woodwork? Secrets Revealed

    Racking in woodwork will be familiar to anyone who has done more than a little woodworking in their lives. It is easily avoidable, but equally as easy to cause through the way you work with your wood, and can be the reason for no end of problems as you attempt to shape and work your…

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