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Woodwork tools cover all types of tools that are used in woodworking.  These woodworking tools include stationary machines, power tools, and hand tools.

  • 7 Greatest Online Woodworking Stores

    7 Greatest Online Woodworking Stores

    If you’ve started woodworking and have found yourself visiting the local tool shop more often than you’re woodworking, I know how you feel. I have been there. But knowing which online stores I could trust (through trial and error) allowed me to get my woodworking materials without leaving my workshop. I am now even more…

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  • Hitachi c10fl Table Saw

    Hitachi c10fl Table Saw – Everything You Need To Know

    Hitachi c10fl is one of the most ‘talked about’ table saws on the market. It is a Jobsite saw with a decent saw blade, but its lack of manufacturer support has made it somewhat controversial. I am a professional woodworker, and I always try to find quality tools. I stumbled upon the Hitachi C10fl table…

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  • plunge router vs trim router

    Plunge Router vs Trim Router: What’s The Difference?

    If you have the budget to buy only one router for your workshop, the variety of routing devices on the market can be confusing, especially when they seem to serve different purposes. You don’t want to get a router only to find out that you cannot use it for the main task you got it…

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  • Marking Knife vs utility knife

    Marking Knife vs Utility Knife – Which Is Best?

    One of the most annoying things about starting a complex project is finding out you need a tool you do not have. And as a self-taught woodworker, I know that the marking knife can be one of the easiest things to forget when shopping for tools. If you’re like me and in a position, I…

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  • Router bits

    How Long Do Router Bits Last? – This May Surprise You

    They say the router is one of the most useful tools in your shop.  I was using my router the other day and the finish left by the bit had burn marks and didn’t feel smooth.  This made me wonder how long it had been since I sharpened it.  I decided to research this a…

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  • What size pipe for harbor freight dust collector

    Best Pipe Size For Harbor Freight Dust Collector

    I have found that Harbor Freight Dust Collectors are very popular and many people want to get the pipe size right to ensure you get the best suction. Since I own one and have done the setup myself, I thought I should share what size pipe for harbor Freight dust collectors? The best pipe size…

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