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Woodwork tools cover all types of tools that are used in woodworking.  These woodworking tools include stationary machines, power tools, and hand tools.

  • Man hammering nail into door jamb

    What Size of Finishing Nails for Door Jamb (Ultimate Guide)

    Door frames are aesthetic and functional. Any mistake in the installation can make door use inconvenient. When it comes to the door jamb and finish trim for the frame, nothing is more important than the nail size, as it affects the durability of the overall frame. You should use 11 gauge, 2.5 to 3-inch (63.5…

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  • Cricut wood project

    19 Cricut Wood Projects for Any Skill Level!

    A Cricut machine is a very useful tool that can expand the possibilities of what you can manufacture. It is a multi-material cutting device that can help you make anything from home decor to kids’ toys. You can use the machine for multiple wood projects. Some handy Cricut wood projects include puzzles,cabinet-front veneer, personal signage,…

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  • Best Dust Collector For Sawstop in 2023

    Best Dust Collector For Sawstop in 2023 – What I Did

    If you’ve been dealing with heaps of sawdust on your table saw, or in your power tools, you probably need an automated dust collection system. A central air filter that produces a HEPA-compliant environment in your workshop would cost a fortune, so you probably rely on a dust collector like myself and most other woodworkers.…

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  • Best Dust Collectors That Work For Basement Shops

    Best Dust Collectors That Work For Basement Shops

    Basements are ideal starting points for any hobby. But when it comes to woodworking, the amount of sawdust generated by power tools can make a basement unbreathable. As an experienced woodworker, I can tell that dust collectors for larger shed and garage shops are different from the ones that are ideal for basement shops. The best…

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  • Pocket Hole Strength

    Pocket Hole Strength – Are Pocket Holes Your Best Choice?

    Pocket holes certainly seem to be the go-to joint for many beginner and intermediate woodworkers. I recently had to join a frame together and was thinking of using pocket holes but my main concern was, are pocket holes strong?  I did some research on them and this is what I found.  On average, pocket hole…

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  • Router bits

    Are Router Bits Universal? Which Router Will They Fit

    If you are a woodworker, you know that a router is an essential tool in your workshop. Router bits are also important tools to have, and you might ask yourself, are router bits universal? I recently did this with my projects and research, and here is what I found out. In general, router bits are…

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