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Woodwork tools cover all types of tools that are used in woodworking.  These woodworking tools include stationary machines, power tools, and hand tools.

  • Do Dust Collectors Need To Be Grounded

    Do Dust Collectors Need To Be Grounded? PVC Static Shock!

    I upgraded my dust collector system recently, and nothing gave me a tougher time than grounding it. There was a time when I used to believe that grounding was for high-capacity industrial dust collectors only. But because of the dust collector fire horror stories on woodworking forums, I have been very cautious about grounding. And…

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  • use a router on MDF

    Can You Use a Router on MDF? What Happens to the Router Bit

    I usually like to minimize my MDF-cutting burden before getting started with any project. For the most part, I get my MDF cut to size at the store. Still, you cannot expect more than a few vertical or horizontal cuts from the store. For curved cuts, I had to resort to a router. However I…

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  • Domino Joiner vs Dowels

    Domino Joiner vs. Dowels – Which Is Best for You

    If you have been watching YouTube videos to discover woodworking ideas or to learn how to build specific projects, you might have seen a domino joiner. Most top woodworking YouTubers use it instead of dowels but which should you use in the battle of the domino joiner vs. dowels? A Domino Joiner is quicker and…

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  • Watts a Dust Collector use

    How Many Watts Does Your Dust Collector Use? Full Guide

    Dust Collectors are a must for every workshop. The moment you graduate from hand tools to stationary cutters, sanders, and saws, you sign up for a lifetime of brooming dust if you don’t get a dust collector. But in my more than two decades of experience working with these tools, I am fully aware that…

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  • Best Dust Collector for MDF In 2023

    Best Dust Collector for MDF In 2023

    MDF dust can be hazardous to breathe in and unappealing to look at. More importantly, it can increase the wear and tear of your machinery. If you regularly saw MDF boards, then you should have an appropriate dust collector in your workshop. I went on the hunt to find the best dust collector for MDF.…

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  • Jigsaw blade

    Ultimate 2023 Guide To Jigsaw Blades

    I believe the Jigsaw is a valuable tool to have in your shop and one that I believe would be the most common tool we all use. A jigsaw is a saw that features a directional blade movement that helps one cut wood in unconventional ways guided by a stencil or one’s own hand. The…

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