Category: Woodwork Tools

Woodwork tools cover all types of tools that are used in woodworking.  These woodworking tools include stationary machines, power tools, and hand tools.

  • circular saw

    Can A Circular Saw Cut Angles?

    I have seen it many times before. You are part way through your woodworking project and now you have to cut an angle on the piece of stock. Out of all the tools you have, you grab a circular saw while thinking it will be the best option. But can a circular saw cut angles?…

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  • Circular saw blades

    Can You Cut Wood With A Tile Saw?

    If you have a knack for carrying out DIY projects, or you are just starting out in woodwork, then the chances are, every now and then you may need to cut wood. A tile saw is commonly used for several different renovation and repair jobs. However, whether they are suitable to cut wood or not…

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  • Jigsaw T Shank

    What To Do If Your Jigsaw Blade Keeps Falling Out

    The trusty jigsaw is probably the most used tool by home handymen & woodworkers alike. It is one of the tools I recommend you buy but often you may find that your blade falls out. This is certainly a common question I get from beginners asking why does my jigsaw blade keep falling out? A…

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  • Why do woodworkers use round mallets

    What Is So Great About Round Mallets?

    You’re new to the world of woodworking, and you’re still trying to sort out which tools you need for the various jobs you want to do. A couple of your woodworking buddies have recommended the round mallet to you. Why do woodworkers use round mallets? A Round Mallet is easy to use when hitting the…

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  • Woodworking Tools Should I Get

    What Woodworking Tools Should I Get – The Essential Guide

    Woodworking is both a long-standing hobby and trade in Australia, the United States, and other countries. Statistics on the Woodworking Network, show that there are around 634,000 woodworkers in the United States as of 2018.  While woodworking can be a lucrative employment opportunity, it can also be a lifelong hobby that is enjoyed by many. …

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  • why is the end tape measure loose

    Why Is The End Of A Tape Measure Loose? A Few Secrets Why

    Have you ever wondered why the end of your tape is loose? I was recently at my neighbor’s house and not liking his old tape measure, I decided to buy him a new one. A few weeks later we were talking about tape measures and he made a comment on the one I had bought…

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