Category: Woodwork Tools

Woodwork tools cover all types of tools that are used in woodworking.  These woodworking tools include stationary machines, power tools, and hand tools.

  • Use a Table Saw As a Router

    Can You Use a Table Saw As a Router? Surprising Outcome!

    When I started my woodwork journey, I didn’t have excess money to buy all the latest tools. I bought myself a table saw and then I often wondered if I could double my table saw as a basic router? After many years of working with both tools, I thought I should compile the information I…

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  • can you cut MDF with a jigsaw

    Can You Cut MDF With a Jigsaw? Ultimate Guide

    You love the durability of medium-density fiberboard or MDF, especially because it’s so easy to seal or paint. However, when it comes to cutting MDF, that’s where you struggle. You’re looking for the perfect cutting instrument and you think it’s a jigsaw, but you’re not sure. Can you cut MDF with a jigsaw? MDF can…

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  • Bandsaw Won't Cut Straight

    Bandsaw Won’t Cut Straight? 10 Causes and Fixes

    I love my bandsaw but one thing that really annoys me is a blade that just won’t cut straight. I recently encountered this problem so I decided to look into why it was happening. Here is what I found. Below are 10 reasons why your bandsaw does not cut straight: Bandsaw blades can be tricky…

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  • Circular saw blade direction

    Circular Saw Blade Direction (Which Way The Teeth Face)

    If you’ve bought your first circular saw for a DIY project or even for professional use, the blade installation can be confusing. It seems like the blade might fit with the teeth facing up as well as down. But to position the blade and decide which way the wood should face, you must know which…

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  • Shop Vac that has the Most Suction

    The Highest Suction Shop Vac (I Tried and Tested Them)

    Let’s face it, we all use a shop vac or similar item to control dust and clean our shops. Shop vacuums are very popular tools for cleaning. I recently had to purchase a new one but I could not find anything that actually told me which shop vacs have the most suction. For this reason,…

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  • Drill holes in wood without power tools

    7 Ways To Cut A Hole In Wood Without Power Tools

    You were supposed to charge up your power tools last night for an afternoon of woodworking today, but you forgot. That doesn’t mean you have to put your woodworking project on hold! You can cut holes in wood with plenty of other tools besides the battery-powered variety. How to cut a hole in wood without…

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