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  • Top 10 Woodworking Schools in the World

    Top 10 Woodworking Schools in the World (Jan 2023)

    If you are interested in woodworking, you have three paths to take. The first is to learn by trial and error. This is called self-education and it is the route I took. The second is learning from online resources, which include Youtube and websites like mine, and the third is going to a woodworking school.…

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  • Why finishing nails keep bending_

    Why Finishing Nails Keep Bending? (Best Ways To Stop Them)

    Finishing nails are sleek and nearly headless. They look great when appropriately fastened to a surface. Their functional utility is undeniable, but the difficulty in driving them is undeniable as well. I recently experienced this when I was fixing plywood back onto a cabinet. The struggle is real! Finishing nails keep bending because of 1…

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  • Outdoor furniture covered with snow

    7 Tips to Protect Your Patio Furniture During Snowfall

    So you bought some patio furniture. Great! But now that winter is approaching, you’re still trying to figure out what to do. Winterizing your outdoor furniture should be on your mind as soon as the leaves change color. The cold weather, freezing rain, and snow will affect your patio furniture. Prepare now so that everything…

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  • Linear Foot vs. Board Foot

    Linear Foot vs. Board Foot – Ultimate Guide & Explanation

    If you have browsed prices of lumber online or sought quotes from wood suppliers, you might have heard the term “Board feet” thrown around. This can seem very confusing, especially if you are buying logs and not boards. And even if you’re buying boards, you might wonder which length the “board” foot and “linear” foot…

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  • 15 Most Famous Woodworkers In The World

    15 Most Famous Woodworkers In The World

    I started as an unsure hobbyist woodworker, but then I completed my first project. The thrill of creating something entirely on my own got me hooked on woodworking. The following woodworkers and artists who work with wood continue to inspire me, even 20 years into being an elite woodworker. The most famous woodworkers in the…

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  • use Windex on wood

    Can You Use Windex on Wood? Surprising Results!

    For a long time, I made the mistake of using anything remotely soap-like to clean wood. Whenever anything in my workshop used to get dirty, I would take any detergent that was around and spray or soak the items. Many times I got lucky, and the detergent was right. But using Windex a few times…

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