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  • Ikea Bed Slats Falling - Bed Frame Fixes That Work

    Ikea Bed Slats Falling – Bed Frame Fixes That Work

    IKEA furniture’s best (and often annoying aspect) is that you get to assemble it yourself. But whenever the end product isn’t perfect, you might doubt your own assembly instead of the product itself. As an owner of an IKEA bed, I can understand the hundreds of complaints about the slats falling off. I have had…

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  • Ikea Bed Frames Can Fit Standard Mattresses

    Do Ikea Bed Frames Fit Standard Mattresses? I Show All

    IKEA bed frames are very stylish and are often designed to match a wide range of interior aesthetics. But despite complementing decor from all around the world, these bed frames are not very size-friendly to non-IKEA mattresses. IKEA Bed Frames do not fit standard mattresses, except in very few instances. It is best not to…

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  • Screws needed for Ikea lack shelves

    What Screws Do I Need For Ikea Lack Shelves? Proof

    I bought IKEA LACK shelves around a month ago, and as fruitful as the end result was, I found it quite frustrating that there were no screws in the package. Had I known what size screws to use, I would have already arranged to have them by the time the shelf was delivered. Fortunately, the…

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  • How do you cut an ikea shelf

    Is It Possible To Cut Ikea Floating Shelves?

    Ikea floating shelves are very popular in people’s homes as more and more homeowners are looking for that seamless and uncluttered look. From my 30 years as a cabinetmaker, floating shelves became an everyday occurrence and I have cut down more than 20 of these. I would often get asked can Ikea floating shelves be…

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  • strength of ikea floating shelves

    How Strong Are Ikea Floating Shelves – I Tested Them

    Ikea floating shelves are quite popular in offices and houses alike. But if you plan to use them as actual storage options instead of aesthetic decor-holding units, you might want to know how much weight they can carry before giving way. In general, Ikea floating shelves can hold approximately 33 lbs. or 5 kg of…

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  • Pro Tips On How To Fix A Missing Chunk Of Wood

    Pro Tips On How To Fix A Missing Chunk Of Wood

    Missing wood chunks on furniture or other wooden items can greatly affect their appearance and functionality. I have had this happen several times so I thought I would put together this guide with my pro tips on how to fix a missing chunk of wood. To fix a missing chunk of wood, glue on another…

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