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  • bunnings cut MDF

    Will Bunnings Cut MDF To Size?

    I have had wood cut at Ikea and a few other big boxwood stores, and I think they have spoiled me. Now I expect to have the wood cut to size at almost every establishment. The Bunnings in my area actually cuts wood, but I wasn’t sure I could get my MDF cut to size…

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  • MDF and its limits

    How Strong Is MDF and What Its Limits Are

    MDF is a heavy wood board type that can pass for plywood to a novice. This fiberboard is practically used in most plywood and plywood-adjacent applications, including floating shelves. But MDF shelves are obviously not as strong as plywood ones. With a recent project I completed, I want to share my knowledge and my findings…

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  • pine wood strong

    Is Pine Wood Strong? My 20 Yrs Of Experience With Pine

    Pinewood is one of the most misunderstood materials in woodwork. It’s perhaps because of its more popular alternatives that pine lumber is often underestimated. In my decades of experience with pine, I have pine to be far stronger than what most people assume. So, Is pine wood strong? Pine wood is strong enough to be…

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  • pile of woods

    How Long Does Wood Last? The Facts!

    When choosing lumber, one of the quality metrics I consider is its longevity. It is prudent to take the lifespan of material into account before using it for a project. And having worked with different types of wood, I have discovered that even the best natural wood has a specific lifespan. On average, wood lasts…

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  • Do pocket holes in melamine work

    Can You Use Pocket Holes In Melamine?

    After being a cabinetmaker for 26 years, one common problem for us was joining 2 pieces of melamine where you couldn’t access one side to screw through. Pocket holes seemed like a good option at the time or were they? I thought I should share my experience from this time and tell you what I…

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  • wood screw need washers

    Do Wood Screws Need Washers? Find Out Here

    I was making a project the other day where the screws I was using were buried too deep and I wanted to bring them out a little. I’m sure many of you think about this from time to time, so I thought I would share the answer to this common question, Do wood screws need…

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