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  • Image showing 2 wood boards OSB and Plywood with text overlay that reads OSB Or Plywood For Trailer Floor

    OSB Or Plywood For Trailer Floor – Ultimate Guide

    Trailer floors need to be laid to make a trailer more liveable. Standard flooring options include single-layer flooring as well as subfloors with a top surface. In both instances, OSB and plywood remain the top contenders. It is, therefore, understandable why people wonder which one of these two is better for a trailer floor. Plywood…

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  • OSB Or Plywood Best Workbench Top for Woodworking

    OSB Or Plywood: Best Workbench Top for Woodworking

    A workbench is as strong as its weakest link, and you would be surprised how often that is the top and not the foundation. One can use a regular workhorse foundation or a pallet wood base for a workbench, but what should you use for a workbench top? A plywood workbench top is better than…

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  • A simple wood carving with text overlays that read Is Wood Carving An Expensive Hobby 

    Is Wood Carving An Expensive Hobby 

    Woodworking is elaborate, and woodcarving isn’t. You don’t need to be a lumberjack to build small wood sculptures. And as a woodworker who started out with an interest in carving, I can tell you it is personally rewarding. But some people believe it is very expensive. Wood carving is not an expensive hobby because you…

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  • Woodcarving Takes to Do And Learn

    How Long Woodcarving Takes to Do And Learn

    Woodcarving is an enchanting art form that is rewarding and therapeutic. If you’ve ever looked at a carving and wished you, too, could pull off something similar, I can understand. My hands also itched to create whenever I saw a beautiful sculpture. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get started and…

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  • A set of carving chisels with wood being carved on background.

    12 Beginner Wood Carving Projects Anyone Can Carve

    Beginner Wood Carving As a woodworker, I believe woodcarving is one of the simplest forms of woodwork anyone could get involved in. If you start out with the most basic projects first, you can quickly develop the skills and the enjoyment to continue the hobby. I find I get a great sense of achievement from…

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  • Screws needed for Ikea lack shelves

    What Screws Do I Need For Ikea Lack Shelves? Proof

    I bought IKEA LACK shelves around a month ago, and as fruitful as the end result was, I found it quite frustrating that there were no screws in the package. Had I known what size screws to use, I would have already arranged to have them by the time the shelf was delivered. Fortunately, the…

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