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  • How do you cut an ikea shelf

    Is It Possible To Cut Ikea Floating Shelves?

    Ikea floating shelves are very popular in people’s homes as more and more homeowners are looking for that seamless and uncluttered look. From my 30 years as a cabinetmaker, floating shelves became an everyday occurrence and I have cut down more than 20 of these. I would often get asked can Ikea floating shelves be…

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  • how to glue wood to tiles

    How To Glue Wood To Tile – The Right Way!

    After successfully making your wooden shelf or even wanting to change the look of your floor, will often involve you needing to glue wood to tile. Will that be strong enough? This brings forward the question…Can you glue wood to tile? Wood can be glued to tiles using a good quality multipurpose adhesive. It is…

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