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  • Does linseed oil go bad

    Does Linseed Oil Go Bad? The Facts

    Linseed oil is one thing in my workshop that I don’t even remember buying. I bought a few bottles in bulk and have managed to open only one. I was going to open another one because I assumed the one I opened half a year ago would have gone bad. To my surprise, it hadn’t!…

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  • Tru Oil vs Danish Oil

    Tru Oil vs Danish Oil – Which Should You Use?

    I have found that nothing changes the appearance of a project as much as your finish selection. When it comes to oil-based Varnishes, Tru Oil and Danish Oil are two somewhat identical options. You should use Tru Oil to achieve a polished appearance, while Danish Oil should be used to strengthen wood surfaces without altering…

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  • Use Danish Oil On Oak Veneer Doors

    Can I Use Danish Oil On Oak Veneer Doors?

    Whenever people ask me specific questions about veneer, I give them the same answer as I would for wood. My answer is no different when the question is about using the oil for finishing an Oak veneer door. Can you use Danish Oil on Oak veneer doors? You can use Danish Oil on Oak Veneer…

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  • Glue Stick To Linseed Oil? Tested With Surprising Results

    Linseed treatment is easy on the eyes and the wallet. But what do you do when you’ve already treated a block of wood with linseed oil and still have more to do? Don’t worry; I have found from personal experience that the traditional wisdom regarding oil and adhesives doesn’t apply to linseed-oil-treated wood. On average,…

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  • Put Danish Oil Over Sanding Sealer

    Can You Put Danish Oil Over Sanding Sealer? – Tested

    Sanding sealer protects the surface of wood furniture, but it also provides a smooth surface that’s ideal for paints and finishes. But oiling wooden furniture is one of the best ways to waterproof the wood and keep it looking its best. This begs the question, “Can you put Danish oil over the sanding sealer?” You…

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  • Spackling On Wood Joints

    Spackling On Wood Joints – Will It Work?

    You have a handful of wood pieces from a series of your past woodworking projects. You’d like to do something with them in the future, but that would first entail you filling in some holes and gaps. Can you spackle wood joints or do you have to use another product for it? You can spackle…

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