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  • Tung oil on cutting board

    Is Tung Oil Food Safe? 10 Things You Need To Consider

    If you’ve been researching food-safe finishes, you’ve probably seen Tung oil mentioned a few times. After all, it seeps deep into the wood and doesn’t sit on the surface. I needed a good food-safe finish for a salad bowl I’m making so I have put together this article that answers is Tung Oil food safe?…

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  • sand wood after staining

    Should You Sand Wood After Staining? The Solution!

    Sanding is an important factor in woodwork to ensure you get a good finish. Lately, I have heard people suggesting to sand after applying stain which is contrary to what I do so I decided to investigate further. Below is what I found out, should you sand wood after staining? Wood should be sanded BEFORE…

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  • does linseed oil smell

    Does Linseed Oil Smell? We Tested It

    As I’ve written elsewhere, Linseed oil is one of my favorite dry finishes. The first time around, I had my doubts about its strength and applicability, but my biggest concern was its smell. Upon opening the bottle of linseed oil, you can detect a non-neutral smell. And this might make you wonder if the smell…

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  • Sticky linseed oil

    Sticky Linseed Oil Not Drying – Here Is Why

    I remember the first time I used linseed oil. The tabletop was covered and looked beautiful right away, and the oil hadn’t even dried yet. Then a few days passed, and the oil remained wet and sticky. After a week of waiting and finding the oil still sticky and wet, I decided to find a…

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  • Tried And Tested Alternatives To Linseed Oil

    My Tried And Tested Alternatives To Linseed Oil

    I don’t like to rely too much on a single tool or resource. Over the past few months, I found myself being too dependent on Linseed oil. Last week, I tried multiple alternatives and possible choices that could replace linseed oil. You’ll be interested in knowing the surprising results I found. Pure tung oil is…

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  • Epoxy and Linseed oil on river table

    Epoxy Over Linseed Oil? Does It Work?

    Linseed oil provides a great non-toxic way of finishing wood in a semi-permanent coat that increases water resistance and durability of wood by soaking it at depth. However, the coat can wear out after a while and is by no means 100% waterproof. The first time I used linseed oil over a project, I had…

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