Category: Woodwork Finishing

  • Wood-glue-vs-wood-filler

    Wood Glue vs Wood Filler: What’s The Difference?

    You need to attach two pieces of wood together for your latest woodworking project. What should you reach for, the wood glue or the wood filler? What is the difference between wood glue and wood filler? The differences between wood glue and wood filler are as follows: Ahead, I will clearly explain what wood glue…

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  • Wood glue vs wood filler

    Wood Putty Vs Wood Filler vs Caulk – Which Do I Use?

    When it comes to getting a perfect finish on your project, it is important to prepare it properly by filling nail holes or blemishes before you apply a finish. Knowing which type of filler to use can be a bit confusing if you are new to woodworking or have never had to use it before…

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  • Can you use wall paint on wood

    Can You Use Wall Paint On Wood? My Shocked Surprise!

    I know we all have leftover paint in our sheds so I recently had to paint some wooden chairs and I had heard stories of people asking, can you use wall paint on wood? I opened a tin and I was shocked at the results I got. Wall paint is suitable for use on wood.…

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  • Wood glue on stain

    Can You Glue Wood After Staining?

    Let’s say your latest woodworking project is a tiny box, such as a music box. You want to glue the walls of the box together, and you also plan to stain the box itself. The thought of fitting a brush into the small crevices of the wooden box after you assemble it makes you think…

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  • Lumpy wood glue

    Is It Ok If Wood Glue Freezes?

    As woodworkers, we are always using wood glue and this commodity is a must-have in every woodworker’s shop. The other day a friend of mine said they experienced some extremely cold weather and he said to me, my wood glue froze. This is a question I have had to answer for many woodworkers, so I…

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