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  • 12 Beginner Wood Carving Projects Anyone Can Carve

    12 Beginner Wood Carving Projects Anyone Can Carve

    Beginner Wood Carving As a woodworker, I believe woodcarving is one of the simplest forms of woodwork anyone could get involved in. If you start out with the most basic projects first, you can quickly develop the skills and the enjoyment to continue the hobby. I find I get a great sense of achievement from…

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  • 9 Essential Tips For Screwing Into MDF

    9 Essential Tips For Screwing Into MDF

    MDF seems to be the one thing that scares most people whenever they need to screw into its edge. I have been a cabinetmaker for the last 20 years and screwing MDF together is something we did every day.All of the apprentices would be always asking how to screw into the edges of MDF without…

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I’m the person behind woodworkhubby.com. I’ve been practising woodwork for over 30 years and still do to this day.  If you are looking for woodwork plans, projects and everyday information for beginner to advanced, you have found the right place.

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