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  • How Long Does Gorilla Wood Glue Take To Dry

    Gorilla Wood Glue Dry Time (Every Type Covered)

    It has been a while since I made a glue joint, and for some reason, I had assumed that gorilla wood glue didn’t have the same curing time as average wood glue. How long does Gorilla wood glue take to dry? I checked and this is what I found. Gorilla glue wood glue dries in…

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  • can you spray paint without sanding

    Can I Spray Paint Wood Without Sanding? Furniture Tips 2023

    Today, I moved out an old chair from storage, and it reminded me of something that happened years ago. I had accidentally sprayed its arm, trying to paint a nearby surface. The paint was so hard to get off that I just retired the chair.  Taking it out after years, I could see that the…

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  • How Long Does It Take Stain To Dry

    How Long Does It Take Stain To Dry?

    So you have finally finished your woodworking project and it is time to apply the stain but you may be wondering how long will it take for that stain to dry before I can move on to applying a polyurethane topcoat. So how long does it take a stain to dry? Most wood stains take…

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  • top 8 finishes of walnut table top

    My Top 8 Finishes for Walnut Table Top Durability & Beauty

    Walnut table tops have a very admirable aesthetic, which is also the primary reason for the wood’s selection in this application. But since Walnut can change color over time or appear faded, to begin with, it must be finished right so it can maintain its appearance or look even better. The best finish for a…

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  • How Deep Does Stain Penetrate (My 20 Yrs Experience Staining)

    How Deep Does Stain Penetrate (My 20 Yrs Experience Staining)

    Wood staining is surface-relevant for most people as its aesthetic visibility is the highest on the surface. But when it comes to beautifying wood’s cross-section, how deep does stain penetrate, becomes quite relevant. Stain penetrates wood up to 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) at a minimum and 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) at a maximum. The depth…

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  • An Image of Shellac which is the best finish for purpleheart

    What Is The Best Finish For Purpleheart? My Tried & Tested

    If you have never worked with purpleheart wood, you might be amazed at how many hues it changes before it settles. I recently made a purpleheart side table and was confused as to what the best finish would be. After many hours of research, the below information is what I found to work for the…

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