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I just finished a teak table project and have to hold onto it for two months before the client takes it. The problem is that if I place it in my shop for cover, it will interfere with woodworking practice. I have seen teak timber left outside during winters and have left its lumber out during winters. But to leave a finished timber project outside seemed like the wrong thing, so I looked into it.

Teak furniture can be left outside in winter, just like teak lumber. The high oil content of Teak protects it from water damage, and its breathability keeps the temperature change from warping it. Teak furniture outdoors is only vulnerable to dirt and dust.

In this article, we will go into topics like how long Teak furniture can last outside and how you can keep it from getting dirty without suffocating the material. By the end of this post, you’ll know all that I know about storing teak furniture outdoors during winter.

Teak furniture be left outside in winter
An image of Teak wood outdoor patio furniture.

Can Teak Be Left In Snow?

Teak furniture can be left out in the snow because the cold weather doesn’t affect it as much as it affects wood types that are used for interior furniture only. Teak is one of the most common wood types for patio furniture precisely because it can be left outside.

The problem with leaving the wood in general outside during winter is two-fold: the cold shrinkage and snow exposure.

The problem with leaving the wood in general outside during winter is two-fold: the cold shrinkage and snow exposure. As the wood expands with heat, it contracts in cold weather.

The less receptive to size change a wood source is, the better it is for outdoor furniture. Teak can expand and contract, but because it has high oil content, it doesn’t absorb water. Its contraction and expansion, therefore, are not structurally permanent. As a consequence, Teak doesn’t warp easily.

Aside from the size change, there is also the potential for water exposure because of snow. It is best to cover up teak furniture, so it doesn’t get snowed on. Moreover, sealing the Teak can help keep it rot-free for a longer period.

A video showing FAQs about teak decking.

But even in the absence of these measures, winter time itself minimizes rot because the microbial activity is nominal in cold weather. Teak, therefore, can easily last at least one winter without any maintenance. So, what happens after that?

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last Outside?

Teak Furniture will last outside for over 75 years, provided that it is made from A-grade teak. The better the teak quality, the less maintenance the Teak requires. In the best cases, you don’t need to do anything but clean up your furniture, and it can still last 75+ years.

This is quite significant because usually, wood has to be repeatedly sealed and finished to last even half as long. Teak’s oil content makes it pretty invulnerable to water damage, and its breathability keeps it from warping. Above all, its high structural integrity keeps it durable, and the load born by teak furniture doesn’t wear it out rapidly.

You need to be careful of the steps you take to lengthen the Teak’s lifespan, though, because you might unintentionally limit the longevity of natural Teak. Covering the Teak in a very tight sealer might result in less breathing.

Coating it with an oil finish can be redundant because Teak already has plenty of oil. Water-based paint would also be ineffective because of Teak’s inherent oil content.

Should I Cover My Teak Table In Winter?

You should not cover your teak table in winter with any material that can keep the wood from breathing. The table will be just fine uncovered but can deteriorate if wrapped in a material that doesn’t let it contract and expand according to the atmosphere.

Jute, Cotton, and Linen are the best materials to cover the Teak table if you want to keep it from getting dirty. These materials are quite breathable and let the teak wood expand and contract according to the outdoor temperature, which in turn allows Teak to last for decades without aging.

ArtOFabric Natural Burlap Tablecloth is one of my favorite covers for teak tables and chairs. It is breathable and can keep the furniture from getting dirty. At the same time, it is very breathable and doesn’t suffocate the furniture wood.

How Long Will Teak Furniture Last If Left Outside In Winter?

You can reach this mark with ease regardless of whether you “protect” the teak furniture or not. But if you employ a few practices to keep the wood from getting dirty and harsh sunlight, it will be in better condition even after decades.

How Do You Protect Teak Outdoor Furniture In The Winter?

You can protect teak outdoor furniture in the winter by covering it in burlap or jute sheets, but only if the furniture can get dirty. You don’t need to protect Teak from the winter conditions, but just from dirt and dust.

outdoor furniture on winter
An image of outdoor furniture covered by snow.

How Do You Protect Teak Wood From Weather?

You don’t need to protect teak wood from the weather but might need to place it under shade to keep it from receiving harsh sunlight or coming in contact with excessive snow and rain.

Can Teak Outdoor Furniture Get Wet?

Teak outdoor furniture can get wet and survive without rot or water damage because the wood’s oil content repels water instead of absorbing it. As a result, Teak doesn’t become a hospitable environment for rot-promoting fungi.

How To Care For Outdoor Teak Furniture?

To care for outdoor teak furniture, ensure that it is covered whenever the conditions are dusty and are cleaned regularly. You can also use deep-seeping oils to enhance Teak’s inherent water damage resistance. Finally, you can keep teak furniture away from direct sunlight, which can deteriorate its color.

A video showing how to clean teak furniture.

For Tips to Protect Your Patio Furniture During Snowfall, please click on the link to learn more.

Final Thoughts – Can Teak Furniture Be Left Outside In Winter?

Teak furniture can be left outside in winter as its internal oil content can protect it from water damage. The wood is highly breathable, which means it won’t warp with temperature change either. The only threats to teak outdoor furniture are dust and harsh sunlight which can be offset with a ute cover and a shade, respectively.

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