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  • Use Dremel Bits In a CNC Router

    Can You Use Dremel Bits In a CNC Router?

    A CNC router is a convenient contraption to finish, sand, round, or drill aspects of your project with no room for error. A computer-driven machine is much better at handling the standard repetitive motions in wood carving and engraving. But what do you do if your CNC router is missing its routing head? Can you…

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  • How can i make CNC more accurate

    How Accurate Is a CNC Router? Better Than You Think

    When you get a CNC router, you may daydream about creating hundreds of pieces exactly the way you envision. But upon setting up the machine and feeding plans to your computer, you might be disappointed with the results. If the machine hasn’t routed properly, you might wonder if the problem is with your specific device…

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  • can a jigsaw cut a 2x4

    Can a Jigsaw Cut a 2×4 and 4×4? Tradies Tricks

    Your jigsaw is one of your most reliable woodworking tools, so you use it a lot. You don’t want to burn it out though, which is why you wonder exactly how thick the wood is that a jigsaw can handle. For instance, can it cut through a 2×4? What about a 4×4? Jigsaws can cut…

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  • Why does my jigsaw bounce

    9 Reasons Why Your Jigsaw Jumps And How To Prevent It

    The jigsaw is the most used tool in most people’s workshops. I certainly use mine often. But occasionally, I find that the base of my jigsaw jumps and marks my timber. I decided to do some research into why does my jigsaw jump and I gathered the following information to help you out. Here are…

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  • Use a Table Saw As a Router

    Can You Use a Table Saw As a Router? Surprising Outcome!

    When I started my woodwork journey, I didn’t have excess money to buy all the latest tools. I bought myself a table saw and then I often wondered if I could double my table saw as a basic router? After many years of working with both tools, I thought I should compile the information I…

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  • can you cut MDF with a jigsaw

    Can You Cut MDF With a Jigsaw? Ultimate Guide

    You love the durability of medium-density fiberboard or MDF, especially because it’s so easy to seal or paint. However, when it comes to cutting MDF, that’s where you struggle. You’re looking for the perfect cutting instrument and you think it’s a jigsaw, but you’re not sure. Can you cut MDF with a jigsaw? MDF can…

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