Category: Wood For Woodwork

This category is all about wood for woodwork and explains all of the different types of wood you may come across.  It covers everything from real wood to man-made woods such as MDF and plywood.

  • pile of woods

    How Long Does Wood Last? The Facts!

    When choosing lumber, one of the quality metrics I consider is its longevity. It is prudent to take the lifespan of material into account before using it for a project. And having worked with different types of wood, I have discovered that even the best natural wood has a specific lifespan. On average, wood lasts…

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  • Home depot plywood

    Will Home Depot Cut Plywood? Our Experiences

    Home Depot is a popular and often easy place for us woodworkers to source timber. More times than not, I find getting large sheets of plywood home is difficult and I require it to be cut. I wanted to know what the costs were and I found out there is a lot of misguided information…

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  • rash on back of hand from wood dust

    Can Walnut Wood Cause Allergies? Nut Allergy Truth

    Only just last week I was ripping some walnut wood for an upcoming project and my left forearm felt a little itchy afterward. I don’t normally get allergies although I have heard that Walnut wood could cause allergic reactions for some people so I decided to investigate further. Here is what I found out; can…

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  • An image of a Plywood tear-out.

    How To Fix And Prevent Plywood Tear-Out With CNC Router?

    Plywood is inexpensive, simple to apply, and looks fantastic when done right. One of the most common problems associated with plywood is the rough, jagged edges and tear-outs that emerge from cutting through the thin veneers. Nothing is more annoying than working on a clean job, only to have your lines frayed and damaged. So…

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  • Plywood Food Safe

    Plywood Food Safe? This May Surprise You!

    Plywood can be cheap, which can tempt one to find different uses for it. Whether you have excess plywood lying around or are tempted by the prices of a certain grade of plywood, any intentions you have of using the material for cooking utensils or serving trays must be informed by how food-safe it is.…

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  • weight of plywood

    Plywood Weight – How Much Does Plywood Weigh?

    When you head out to get plywood, you might consider everything from the size of panels to their cost and how many sheets you’ll get in a bundle. What matters more, especially when lugging plywood across a long area, is its weight. Plywood can weigh between 40 lbs and 63 lbs (18-28kg) depending on whether…

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