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Derek from Woodwork Hubby

Hi! My name is Derek.

I have worked in the woodworking industry for over 30 years and I have a trade qualification in Cabinetmaking and Furniture making.

I decided to start Woodwork Hubby to help you on your journey in this wonderful and rewarding hobby. My goal is to show you all the things I have learned along the way to make your time in the workshop more enjoyable.

The name “Woodwork Hubby” comes from my love of woodwork and my being a loving husband and father to my beautiful daughter. I guess I always loved to fix things around the home and make furniture whenever I could.

My Journey

Growing up as child on a dairy farm, I would always be in Dad’s shed cutting pieces of wood and making what I could back then. By the age of 14 my father converted an old shed into my first workshop which was only 10 feet long and 6 feet wide. It was here my passion for this hobby really flourished.

After finishing Year 12 High School I decided to complete an apprenticeship in Cabinetmaking with a local business. From here I worked in furniture making shops and did 6 months as a Carpenter.

I guess my journey through woodworking has brought up many questions that I didn’t know the answer to such as: “Why Do Woodworkers Always Wear Aprons”. I decided this blog would help beginners understand parts of the trade better.

Other Things I Enjoy

When I’m not in the workshop or spending time with my family, these are some of things I love to do:

  • Watch cricket – Probably my favorite sport
  • Play 8 Ball and Snooker – In 2011 a friend and I attempted to break the Guinness Book Of Records for the longest consecutive games of 8 Ball without sleep. The old record stood at 52 hours and we managed 72 hours. Unfortunately, our record was broken only a few weeks later.
  • Beer – There is nothing better than a nice cold beer on a Summer’s day!
  • Christmas Lights – Every year we put up a Christmas light display where people can tune in and listen to the music. We also raise money for local charities at this time.

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My favorite saying:

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing”!

If you need any help with your woodworking journey, be sure to reach out to me at [email protected]

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Let’s Get Started!

To help you get started on your woodworking journey, be sure to take a look at this guide that helped save me a ton of money and avoid a few fundamental mistakes with my workshop.

Woodwork Hubby Awards

Ezoic Publisher award
Ezoic Publisher award

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